Monday, October 17, 2005

Chennai Trivia - 10

Ok, the last few questions were about events 200 years back. So this will be a contemporary one.

Who is he?

1. He started out as a small scale fabrication contractor in Chennai.

2. He bought a rap star's house in San Francisco.

3. Ratan Tata says that he has helped us in terms of gross savings more than any one else.

Ans: It is C. Sivasankaran of Sterling Group. Starting out as fabrication contractor for MRL (now CPCL), he bought Sterling Computers from Robert Amritaraj, father of the tennis player Vijay Amritaraj. From there it is all the way up for Mr. Sivasankaran, the serial entrepreneur. He is behind Dishnet (now sold to VSNL), Aircel (sold to Hutch?) and Barista (will probably be sold to Starbucks when they enter India). He bought rapper C J Hammer's house in San Francisco.


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